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Significantly expanded & clearer: Replacement parts for common rail engines


Common rail engines are standard in today's agricultural machinery. Strict emissions standards, but also urgently needed efficiency improvements, have established this type of engine in the agricultural sector in recent years. Due to the extremely high pressure in common rail injection systems, the fuel is atomised much better, which ultimately leads to lower fuel consumption and pollutant removal.

To ensure the functionality of these engines over a long period of time, regular maintenance of the systems is necessary. In the GRANIT webshop you will find a wide selection of replacement parts and accessories for common rail engines and exhaust gas after-treatment.


To ensure that you can always find the right products quickly and clearly, we have adapted the product range classifications in our webshop. The individual product categories in our Exhaust gas treatment range are now sorted by manufacturer and tractor type. This will help you find the right parts in just a few clicks.

Discover our extensive range for exhaust gas aftertreatment. In addition to renowned original manufacturers, the products of our own brand GRANIT PARTS are also impressive in this field. Extensive testing procedures ensure that all our products are of a high quality that you can rely on. With the GRANIT exhaust gas cooler, you are relying on a durable product that matches OE manufacturer parts for material, sealing and cooling performance. Our AdBlue supply units also performed to the level of the original manufacturers in various tests.


Check out our versatile GRANIT range for exhaust gas aftertreatment here.

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